My knit style of painting started with a pair of woolen gloves I had purchased them at the Great Bazaar in Istanbul. There was something about their use of color and pattern that attracted my eye. They were also quite portable and inexpensive, making them an easy choice for gifts to bring back to friends and family. Once I brought them home I found myself wondering if they would be a good subject for a painting. Would I be able to recreate this knit look in watercolor? Using gouache paint gave me the control I needed to make the threads look real. I liked the look. I had been wondering about how to create a personal style; one that would encompass my wide variety of interests. Since all cultures have knitting and weaving, could this painted knit look tap into those things I liked about other cultures and art forms- both traditional and contemporary? Well, that has proved to be the case . This style has allowed me to move back and forth between the world of painting and the world of fabric design. Check out my clothing line products at

My book, Night Skies, features 44 of my paintings about the night sky. This is a hardbound, 48-page book with full-color illustrations. $25.00 plus shipping. I recently published my second book, Pandemic Portraits, that features 88 of my monotypes of people wearing pandemic masks. Also, available for $25.00 + shipping.

As for my educational background: I have an M.A. from The University of LaVerne, Athens, Greece and a B.F.A. from The Maryland Institute of Art. I've had numerous one-man shows, developed a series of tapestries for Pendleton Woolen Mills and have created numerous paintings for prints, greeting cards and book illustrations.

Paul Alan Bennett