I have self-published two books that feature my work: Night Skies and Pandemic Portraits. The paintings inĀ  my Night Skies book were done in gouache, watercolor and sometimes with a mix of printmaking. I've often found great mystery and wonder in the night sky, resulting in these 44 paintings. My most recent book, Pandemic Portraits, features 88 of my monotypes of people wearing pandemic masks. The text is mainly about how the pandemic has affected each person. The majority of the people featured are from Sisters or Bend.

I've been an artist/art teacher all my life. I think I was 9 years old when I felt the power of art and enjoyed making things with my hands and my imagination. My childhood heroes were not just artists but inventors as well, bringing new things into the world. It's that spirit of invention that drives my curiosity as well as wanting to make the most of this gift of time we each have.